Weddings & Elopements & Boudoir, oh my!
Welcome! I am a destination photographer located in Idaho Falls, Idaho who specializes in precious love stories and female empowerment. I live for stunning images that show confidence, beautiful sunsets and dream locations. Whether that be a beautiful elopement out on the sandy beaches of Mexico or in the comfort of my home showing off your curves and perfect imperfections. I would love to help you capture everything you have been dreaming of: the moments, the memories, the happiness. 

Your wedding day needs to be beautifully documented
I love capturing those special, raw moments that we experience through our lives, along with helping those notice that they look AND feel beautiful, which all of that has led me to here. I think thats why photography is my thing. I am passionate about authentic, real story telling, and I want you to remember your day exactly how it felt!  Because when people are celebrating their own self love and who they love, I am darn lucky to capture those moments and wouldn't want to miss it for the world.
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